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The 6 Hour Drive to an Ice Cream Truck

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

You read that title right! This might be one of the most spontaneous things I have ever done!

Here's how it went down:

After hearing through social media that there would be a Disney truck full of ice cream driving through LA, I had to ask my parents if they would be open to driving me 6 hours from San Jose, CA to Santa Monica, CA to be part of the Disney Ice Cream Truck experience and celebrate the upcoming release of the Disney show I was going to be on! At 12:30am the night before this event, I was scrolling through Instagram and saw that Disney Channel's account had posted about this event where they were stopping in 3 locations in SoCal to promote Disney's Magic Bake Off, Disney's Spin, and Disney's Descendants: The Royal Wedding. I went into my parents room and asked my dad (my mom had already said no) if we could go - unexpectedly, he said yes! A few hours later, we woke up at 4:30am and headed out onto the road to make it in time for the first stop!

The experience of visiting the ice-cream truck was totally worth the drive! They were handing out beautifully packaged ice-cream sandwiches with 4 different flavors of cookies and ice cream! I luckily got to try all of them! Not only that, but if you got a lucky mickey sticker on the bottom of your cover, you got to pick one of 3 amazing prizes!

To my surprise, I was one of the lucky winners! I was able to could pick between a polaroid camera, beats headphones, or limited edition Mickey ears. Being the Disney fan I am, I chose the Mickey Ears!

I got to do all 3 stops and even got to meet some other Disney Magic Bake-off contestants. That was really fun! The people who were working on the truck were great and super excited that we were on the show. They totally understood why we were so excited about this! I loved the promotional gifts they gave us with each ice-cream order! I got my very own Disney Magic Bake-Off vinyl pouch! I was even able to grab extras for my team partner and one of the other contestants on my show!

Thank You Disney for making this a road trip one I will never forget!

The Disney Magic Bake Off premiers on August 13th, 2021 with the 1st of 13 episodes. That night, Disney's Spin and Disney Descendants: The Royal Wedding will also be premiering! It is a night you will not want to miss! Stay tuned for an announcement about which Magic Bake Off episode me and my partner will be competing on!

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