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Why "BaKaurs"?

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

So many people have been asking me questions about Disney’s Magic Bake- Off, but one question in particular stands out, “Why BaKaurs?” so I thought I would take this opportunity to explain it.

BaKaurs is pronounced bae-cores which also sounds like bakers. My dad came up with this play on words and Sidak and I loved it! But the reason why we loved it so much has a much greater significance.

All Sikh girls use the term “Kaur” in their name which means princess (fitting for our episode, right?!). Since Sidak and I both use the name Kaur as our middle or last names, we chose our team name to be “BaKaurs,”

Sikh girls can be identified by the Kaur in their name and Sikh men use Singh ( which means lion). All Sikhs wear Karas (a stainless steel bracelet on their working hand) and if you noticed on the show-both Sidak and I have the same Kara on our wrists. Our Kara is a part of our Kaur Power!

Another reason that we chose BaKaurs is that both Sidak and I are from the Bay Area, in San Jose, California where we grew up together! We are BaKaurs - short for Bay Area Kaurs which literally means Bay Area Princesses!

It gives us both so much much joy and pride to be included in the Princess episode. A princess is brave, compassionate, strong, smart, hardworking and beautiful inside out. As most young girls, Sidak and I grew up wearing Disney princess costumes not just for halloween, but all year round!

For this episode, when we were asked to create a cake with a story about our modern day princess it took us very little time to come up with a story for our princess, Seva Kaur.

In Punjabi, Seva means helping others without expecting anything back in return. Seva Kaur means the princess who helps others from her heart.

Our Disney modern day princess is a healthcare worker who spends her days and nights

healing people. Sidak and I made Seva's "kingdom" the hospital because at hospitals, people can go to get better. Seva Kaur is smart, caring, and enjoys healing people, but she also has long beautiful hair, loves wearing south Asian clothes and loves to bake for family,

friends, and patients, as it is her love language.

You can watch Disney's Magic Bake Off S1E3, the Disney Princess episode RIGHT NOW on the Disney+ app! I hope you enjoy it!

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