The Story of a Cake

It may just seem like a cake at first glance, but the cake BaKaurs made for Disney's Magic Bake-Off was more than just two girls baking a cake for kids baking competition. Our cake told a story that we both felt attached to and we created a Princess-Hero that we would aspire to be. I would like to thank Disney and Tastemade for giving us this opportunity to image this Princess and bring her to life in our world.

The specifications of the cake were very strict. We needed to make a 3 tier cake that represents our idea of a modern-day princess and the impact she would have on the world. We had to create what her kingdom is like and what causes are important to her. The bottom two tiers of the cake had to include a 3D outfit of what our princess would wear. The top two tiers would be separated by a glass globe in which you must include something to symbolize the princess. Of course, our cakes and frosting needed to be made from scratch and each team of 2 had 4 hours to complete this cake.

What might be surprising is that the story of our Princess felt very natural. We knew that our princess would have long hair just like us and it seemed so perfect that our princess would have the name Kaur since that is our name too and Kaur literally means Princess.

I had chosen my long-time friend Sidak Kaur to be my partner. We had been a part of many activities in the past including Sunday school since we were five, Punjabi dance since we were 7, and even participated in the Girls on the Run 5K together.

We created a Princess by the name of Seva Kaur. Seva means helping others without expecting anything in return. So literally, Seva Kaur means "the princess who helps others without expecting anything in return". The concept of Seva is a very big part of our upbringing and one of the core beliefs of our religion Sikhism.

With the pandemic making such an impact in our lives, we decided to make our Princess a health care worker since we cannot imagine a bigger modern-day hero than the health care workers who have been taking care of the world. But Sidak and I also have one more health issue that is very dear to us and that is cancer in women. We decided that our princess's superpower was going to be to eradicate cancer from the world. Sidak's mom passed away from cancer many years ago but fought the battle very bravely. My grandmother is a breast cancer survivor and I know how horrifying this disease can be so we created a Princess who will make the lives of people like Sidaks mother and my grandmother better.

Our Cake: for the bottom tier we build a 10-inch square cake as a base to replicate a colorful and cheerful hospital that fills the patients with joy. We used different paint brushing techniques on each side of the cake. The bottom tier had fondant doors, windows, and a walkway made from candies.

The second tier was an 8-inch cake that was covered in blue fondant to replicate the scrubs that Seva Kaur wears to show she is a health care worker. We incorporated a 3D layer of red fabric with gold embellishments on the back of the bottom 2 tiers to show Seva Kaur's love for her South Asian culture and heritage. She also wore a strand of pearls with her scrubs to show that a girl can be smart, beautiful, strong, fashionable, and compassionate all at once. A fondant stethoscope was attached to the glass globe on top of this layer and the glass globe held a red heart to signify that at the core of every Princess is a kind and generous heart.

The top layer of the cake was a white buttercream cake crowned with fresh flowers and in gold fondant letters spelling out BAKAURS.

Being able to participate in a challenge like this will be one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I learned so much from the other participants not only from our episode but also from the episodes before and after the Princess episode.

I hope to see Seva Kaur become a true-to-life Princess. In the meantime, I am continuing doing the Seva that I know how to do and that is to bake cakes and donate my proceeds from Baked By Nivaaz to charity.

*I used inspiration from our episode cake for the Princess Episode Launch party we hosted on August 27th, 2021. In the glass glove, I included a matcha lavender cupcake with the pin we won during the Flower Challenge. This picture is of me with my parents, grandparents from both sides, and sister. My brother watched the episode from college in Washington DC.

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