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Updated: Aug 15, 2021

In my last post, I wrote about the Disney Ice Cream truck event. Little did I know that something so interesting would happen to me. As you may know, Disney has a new movie about an #Indian girl who is 15 years old and follows her passion about wanting to become a Disc Jockey. Though my main reason for going to LA was to see Disney's Magic Bake Off on the Ice-Cream truck, it was so cool to see the Indian Girl from #DisneySpin wearing Indian clothes on the front of the truck. This post is about #spin, and how amazing it feels to see your culture represented in mainstream movies and television shows!

I was so flattered when a little girl pointed at the main lead in Disney's #DisneySpin and told her mom that that girl looked like me!!! I looked at the image that covered the side of the truck and thought--she is sooo pretty and I love her tikka (the jewelry on her forehead) and felt so good being told I resemble the star of a Disney movie! That has never ever happened to me before!

I am so happy that #Disney is making shows like this one. On my way back home from LA that same night, my mom’s friend called her and asked her if I could fly down for the #DisneySpin movie premiere after seeing my Instagram posts about being in Southern California. Even though I was already on my way back to San Jose, my mom made it happen! This time, two days later, I flew to LA for the movie premier!!

It was amazing! There was so much South Asian representation perfectly mixed with traditional Disney themes! Everything about the event made me feel proud. I could relate to the story because the main character Rhea's family was a lot like mine.

Music plays such a big part of my own personal family life. I have been learning two different types of Indian dance since I was about 5 years old (Bhangra/Gidha and Katak) and love dancing with my grandparents, so when the grandma in the show danced to Bollywood music, I could relate. I also love wearing Indian clothes and getting dressed up for parties and weddings with lenghas (Indian long skirts) and loved seeing her wear them.

Another fun similarity was the food. Even though I am a third generation Indian (my grandparents from both my mom and dad's side came to America in 1970), eating Indian food is a big part of my diet. As a baker, I also love to try out Indian flavors in my cakes and desserts.

I loved Rhea's long hair. I loved how important her family was to her. I loved her dad, whoI could relate to so much. I could even relate to having a passion that is not the norm for your community and following your heart. Rheas' character was really relatable and she had so many similar stories that I see me and my friends have.

I hope Disney makes more movies like this. And I Really hope you can sit with your family soon and watch #DisneySpin

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