Descendants Royal Wedding Cake Episode 1-Disney Magic Bake-Off

I have been waiting for this day for what seems like forever! August 13th 2021! A night of premiers for Disney but especially for Disney Magic Bake-Off. As a teen baker, seeing other kids bake and watching them go though their baking process is super interesting to me.

Disney Magic Bake-Off is a brand new competition between 3 teams of 2 kids each making 1 magical cake. Those competing are under 15 years of age, In episode 1, there was a team of brothers (Fresh not Frozen), a team of sisters (Mad Cakers) and most interesting to me a team of 2 girls (Royal Delites- photographed below)) who had never met in real life before! They had done all of their practices over Zoom.

In this particular challenge, I really enjoyed watching the contestants decorate the styrofoam tier. I have never seen that before and when I saw the ad for the episode, I was wondering about how they made a heart in the middle of a tier. I now know and can't wait to make a cake using a similar method.

I also enjoyed watching the challenges. You really have to think quick when doing them and I loved watching how each team implemented them.

At the end, I thought all 3 cakes were very creative, fun and I loved their stories behind each cake. Fresh and Frozen is super lucky to have their cake turned into a Tastemade video and I am sure their organization Boys who Bake will do really well. I personally also really loved the way Mad Cakers cake turned out with all the flowers and details.

Looking forward to next week's episode!

Picture Credits: Disney

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